Behind the Project

About the Conference Factory

Our story

Ever since we entered the event production world in 2007, we’ve always wanted to be different, thing giant, and film better. We believe the world of video and photography is changing faster than ever before, and we want to stay on top of these changes. This is why our mission is to reach for the quality of the future, but never stop immortalising the quality we’re providing now.We are a team of friendly and professional filmmakers, who work together in a perfect sync and engage with the content to provide you with videography and photography services you deserve. We film conferences and corporate event throughout the UK, but what we really specialise in is showing the traditional in an untraditional way, producing videos that move, and making the viewer want to learn more about your business!

We create clean ideas that move your business forward

Everything we know, we owe to experience. It helps us create the work we do. It helps us grow. It helps us understand you a lot better.


With innovative ideas, result-focused approach and strong performance standards, we’re here to take your conference videography and photography to the next level!

If there’s one thing that makes us more credible than others it must be the quality of services we provide. Every project, with no exceptions.